Our Coaches

Bill Ronald O.A.M.

Bill has been one of Fencing Australia’s most valued members. He has been recognised nationally and internationally for his achievements in fencing. He has represented Australia at the Mexico Olympics and Edinburgh Commonwealth Games. Additionally, Bill has held numerous leadership offices nationally and internationally for fencing management. He was event manager for Fencing at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He has managed the Olympic team, and has coached both national and international representatives.

For further info on Bill, visit: http://www.ausfencing.org/home/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=203


Joseph Raciborski

Joseph is one of Australia’s foremost coaches in fencing. Joseph is the NSW epee squad coach and assistant national epee coach. Joseph has coached several state and national champions and Australian representatives.

Jo Raciborski





Simon Jin

Simon is one of Australia’s foremost coaches in fencing. Simon has been the NSW squad coach and coach to state and national champions and Australian representatives. During his time as an athlete, he was Chinese National Champion on several occasions and represented China in the World Championship and other International Competitions. He later became a professional team coach in China.


Steve Augoloupis

Steve has been involved in Fencing for over 20 year. His competitive career saw him representing NSW and Australia for almost two decades. He has held the title of both State and National Champion multiple times. In 2004 he retired from competitive fencing to concentrate on coaching. Steve has already been highly successful at other clubs, and hopes to bring that experience to Fencing@MQ.


Leon Hooper

Leon has been fencing for over 30 years. He originally fenced epee but after five years of this he made the transition to sabre. He has been fencing sabre ever since. Leon was NSW state sabre champion in 1992. He has been a member of winning NSW state sabre teams at nationals a number of times and a member of many winning state club sabre teams. Leon has been trained by some exceptional fencing masters over the decades and I wishes to pass that knowledge and experience.


(Cost for private tuition is set by the individual coaches and arranged directly with them).


2 thoughts on “Our Coaches

  1. Hi! 🙂
    I am a Year 12 student who is presently half-way through a 4000 word thesis focusing on the impact of electrical technology in sport, and I’m hoping to use the introduction of the Electrical Scoring Apparatus into Fencing as a case study to discover how a few elements of the sport have had to adapt as a result.
    If any of the Club Coaches have the time to answer a few of these quick, opinion-based questions, i’d be extremely appreciative:
    – Would you agree or disagree with the idea that new fencers who learn to fence with the scoring apparatus are not as disciplined or have generally sloppier fencing
    styles than those who learn without the apparatus?
    – In a general sense and based upon your own experience, do you prefer judging/presiding over bouts with or without the electrical scoring apparatus? why?

    Thankyou for your time. I understand that university fencing coaches are often busy so please reply at your own convinience.

    Ruth Maree.

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