Learn to Fence

Fencing@MQ offers a five-week learn to fence course in semester 1 and again in semester 3. This course is design to teach the complete beginner how to fence. Over five consecutive Friday nights, you are trained in the art of fencing: footwork, attacking, parrying, and fencing in bout scenarios. The course is limited to 12 people to allow the coach to have one on one time with each fencer and keep track of the group’s progression. At the end of the course you take part in an electric competition against classmates. This is designed to give a taste of what fencing is like at club and competition level.

The course is run by Leon Hooper. Leon has been one of the top fencers in Australia for several weapons but has a preference for sabre. He has retired somewhat from competitive fencing and is now passing his skills on to the next generation of fencers.

For those who are MQ students/Staff/Alumni the course is $65*.

For everyone else the cost of the course is $85*.

For those taking place in the learn to fence course you should come dressed in: tracksuit pants (NO SHORTS), t-shirt, runners. A towel and water bottle are also advised.

*At the conclusion of the course you’ll be offered a novice membership of 1 year for an extra $20.

All equipment is provided free of extra charge.

To register expression of interest for the next learn to fence course please head into the sports centre at MQ uni and register through the front desk.


13 thoughts on “Learn to Fence

  1. next semester will b my last semster in uni. am i still possible to take any course? when will the new course start? thank you

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  3. is this for all ages? I am over 50 and have never done a fencing course before. is it ok for me to give it a go? How do I join?

    • Hi Cynthia

      Our students have been of all ages in the past – high school, university age and adult, and we’ve found that mixed-aged classes work nicely. You’re more than welcome to come and give it a go! We haven’t set dates yet for the classes, but we should start running them around late March. I’ll give you my email:


      If you send me a short message so I have your address on file, I’ll let you know when dates are set. I’ll update the blog too.

      David, President

      • Hi David
        Thanks for your reply.
        Yeah, please keep me posted.
        Wish you a Happy New Year.
        I would like to give it a go!

        Wish you a Happy New Year.

      • Hi David,
        Is it possible to join your course “Learn to Fence” this year? (I am a PhD student at MQU and my son, 16 years old).


      • Hi Anna, it is absolutely possible to join a Learn to Fence course this year, we’re just in the midst of setting the date of our next one and i’ll be happy to update you when we’re clear on that.

  4. Hi Guys,
    I am hoping you can help me. I am wondering when you may be running another fencing class.
    Myself and my son would be interested in attending. I may also be able to get one other to come along. We have all done a beginners fencing class before but are a bit rusty and also hoping that when we complete your class we can join your club.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,

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