Fencing Photos !

Hi fencers@MQ, there are some fencing photos at Fencingflicks.  Hope you will Like it.

Water Damage!

Hi everyone, as some of you know our armoury was flooded from last months rains. The floor damage was far worse than first thought. The uni is fixing the problem, which will take 2-3 weeks. Over this period we will be restricted to 2 courts only. Please be helpful and understanding over this time.

Friday 13th!

Last night the club held its AGM. Plenty of positives came out of the meeting, and the club is looking forward to another fantastic year. Thanks to the outgoing executive, and welcome to the incoming executive.

Good Friday

No fencing this Friday night. The sports centre will be closed for Good Friday. Fencing will resume next week as normal. Have a good weekend.

April 1, Beginners Comp!

Fencing@MQ held the final learn to fence session last night. As a final class the students took part in an electric comp. The comp was a great success and fun was had by all.

These are some of the pics from the comp.

March Saw new Beginners!

Fencing@MQ had its first learn to fence class in over a year. I big thank you to those involved in setting it up.

2011 Price List is out!

Please see the Club info page for details.

2011 Begin of The Season Special!

If you are a student ( or MUSAC members/staff) of Macquarie University,  enrol the Learn Fencing program for $55 now and you will get a 12 month membership for free.

For more details, please click here.


3 thoughts on “Bulletin

  1. I’m a student at MU and would like to join the classes/membership… Could I start next week? I know it’s started – with the membership can you go to more than 5 classes? I’m a total beginner!

    • No,
      we are limited to 12 to a class and it is fully booked. We are locked into 5 classes, and the course cannot be extended.

      We are running a second course in the second half of this semester and more in the second semester.

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