Holiday times, end of year competition and open invitation for strategic planning night

As per the title, three things to discuss:


1) Last fencing for the year will be held on Friday 20th December. We will be running a pooled foil competition and the club will provide pizza afterwards! Make sure you come; no charge for the pizza, we’ll cover it.

2) The club will be closed on the 27th of December and will reopen the next Friday – the 3rd of Jan 2014. So you lucky people only miss out on a single week of fencing.

3) This Wednesday, the club executives will be meeting with MQ officials to discuss strategic plans for the club over the next year. Any member or coach that wishes to attend is more than welcome to come along; the meeting will be at MQ gym on the 4th December (that’s this Wednesday) at 6pm.


That’s all! Have a good week.