Recent activities at the club

We’ve been busy! Friday nights have seen a steady flow of members, with all lanes in constant use. So here’s an update on a few club matters:

1) The August-September learn to fence course started up last night with 8 new fencers taking to the martial arts strip. Many thanks to Steve, once again at the helm of what we hope will be another successful class:


2)  We have made a start on fixing the green box by replacing a faulty cable, so we may hopefully have another lane for next week.

3) The club is thinking of making a few purchases ranging from new body wires to another box. In the coming weeks, expect some new gear. However, we do encourage our members to invest in their own gear to not only ease the load on the club but for their own convenience – we recommend gloves and wires are to be individually owned. Especially after the Knox kids’ visit, we have seen club supplies can get low.

In light of the massive turnouts we’ve seen over the last few months, a new box would be a good investment for the club. The only consideration so far is one of space, so we are in the process of working out if we can fit another lane in.

4) Uni games is coming up! 29th September to the 4th October.  For interested students at Macquarie, email me at and I will work out a team. Although the first deadline for payment is due tomorrow, don’t freak out – enrollments into the games themselves close at the end of this month. It is easiest to work through Macquarie Uni to book the games, as they provide accomodation and uniforms. Macquarie will accommodate late payments without too much trouble, I gather, as the actual date for submissions is much later than what Macquarie’s own deadline.

More information can be found here ( and here (

It is important to note that this event is not held during the midsemester break, rather the 1st week back of semester. Students are encouraged to speak with their subject coordinators to check whether this is suitable. For the vice president and myself, we are unable to make the games because of masters laboratory commitments. However, we encourage students to sign up for all weapons and will help facilitate the formation of a team.

5) Many thanks to our club VP and armourer, Dave, who has invested time and effort into polishing up our blades, engraving them with the MQ signature, and generally tidying up the stalls.


Thanks Dave! On that note, can we please keep the clothing stalls tidy! It’s not that hard to hang up jackets and electric jackets on the provided coat hangers. Electrics on the right, protectives on the left. Gloves will go in a nice box, wires between the two cupboards on the hooks. Keep it tidy, people!

That’s all for now. If you have any photos you want to put on the blog (Luke, Tom) send them to me!

David Handler,