Italian Relay?

Hi everyone,

The 2012 Italian Relay is being held this Sunday. Does anyone want to put together a team to represent Fencing@MQ? This could be another great opportunity to get out there and experience fencing at a State level for those who don’t fencing competitively.
If you are interested and can find willing participants please let me know ASAP so I can enter the team into the comp. Entry fee will be covered by the club and if you require electric gear don’t panic, the club is happy to lend you the electric equipment for representation.
Let me know!
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Learn to fence

G’day all,

we kicked of another learn to fence course last Friday night after a month off. We have another full class with a good mixture of participants. We hope they have a fun and enjoyable time learning to fence at MQ.

We plan to hold another course in late August/early September. If you know anyone who is keen to learn to fence get them to email me! Additionally, just because it is school holidays does not mean fencing training doesn’t take place on Friday nights. We are open all year round!