Leon training to be Master

Hi everyone,

Sabreur, Leon Hooper is training to become a fencing master. Leon has been a prominent member of the fencing community for many years, and has decided to pass on his knowledge to a new generation of fencers.

While Leon is training for this qualification he is looking to take on students for tutelage. He is offering Sabre and Foil lessons to fencers of all experiences. Please see myself or Leon on Friday night if you would like to take lessons from him.


Important Reading

In addition to the email I sent out the other day regarding safety at the Fencing club I have added two documents to the website: the NSWFA Safety Policy and an article by the Australian Institute of Sport on Hydration in Sport. These can be found under documents.

Stretch Sessions

Hi everyone,

the club has had an offer from a professional stretch and massage therapist to run stretch session on Friday nights free of charge. This session would most likely take place towards the end of the night.

Please let me know if this would be of interest to you. As numbers will determine if this will take place or not.

PS: don’t forget about the ongoing competition on Friday nights…

Friday 3rd Feb

We had another great turn out last night. The ongoing foil comp is running nicely with everyone getting through their bouts.

Just a quick reminder, if you fence on a Friday you must also help pack up! Some do, some don’t. As courtesy  to your fellow club members please help.

Additionally, when the 15 min call is given it is our signal to pack up. We must ensure we are leaving the centre at 10:00, no later.