Big turn out for the Big Pool

Last night was the first night of Fencing@MQ’s ‘Big Pool’ competition. We had a fantastic turn out for the foil comp, with 15 fencers signing their names on the table.

This comp will run for the next couple of weeks to determine the winner. From this a rankings list will be generated and the overall leader will receive a prize at the end of the year.

Please refer to Macquarie big pool rules for guidance.



Introducing our alternating competitions

Hi fencers,

to continue our ongoing growth and development throughout 2012 we are going to run alternating foil and epee competitions monthly.

One month will be an open foil comp, the alternating month will be an open epee comp. The comp will be run as a ‘big’ pool. Everyone must fence everyone for the comp to be ‘completed’.

These comps are designed to encourage fencers to spread their wings and fence everyone. A bit of friendly competition is always nice as well.

If anyone has suggestions for these comps or for the running of the club I am happy to hear them.

We aim to kick start these alternating comps next Friday. Foil will be the first comp for the year!

Season Return

Well, we kick started the year with a quiet night last Friday. We had members fencing all three weapons. Some took it easy, some went hard. But everyone managed to walk away relatively fine. Some sore and stiff bodies maybe…

We look forward to a strong year; the club will be represented at O-Week with club members running a stall, and we hope to resume our learn to fence program in early March.

New Year

Happy New Year to all!

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year.

I am pleased to confirm that we will be resuming training next Friday (13 January). We will open from 7pm to 10pm as usual.

Look forward to seeing you there.