Cheryl Returns

Our reprasentative at the World Uni Games has returned. Cheryl placed an admirable  46th, although she is very disappointed with the result we would like to give her a big congratulations for representing us at such a high level.

Cheryl was unfortunately struck with illness during the week of the competition, resulting in her placing. Nevertheless, a big congratulations to her for her achievements. We look forward to seeing Cheryl back at training next week!


Update on floor work

Hi everyone,

as those who have been coming along in recent weeks would be aware, the floor has suffered from underground flooding. We have been informed by the MQ staff that the floor will begin to be relayed starting Monday.

As a result we will be moving to another area of the sports centre until it is fully fixed, which will probably be close to October 22.

Below is a photo highlighting where fencing will be conducted. A marquee will be set up and timber flooring laid.